Sam Burchfield + the Scoundrels with opener Alma Russ

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November 19, 2022 8:00 pm November 19, 2022 10:30 pm
General Admission show - $12 ADV // $15 DOS

Raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains of South Carolina, Americana singer Sam Burchfield was brought up on Appalachian music: folk, gospel, country and southern soul. Jumping over the state line to settle in Jasper, GA, gateway to the Appalachian Trail, Burchfield’s music beautifully reflects the landscape that raised him while organically carrying the tradition of storytelling forward.

Burchfield’s latest single ‘Scoundrel’ begins a new saga. It emerges as the cathartic title track of his upcoming record. Written by an alter-ego, the record dives into 11 tales of greed, betrayal, desire, heartache, despair- and redemption. “We recorded these songs on my friend’s farm in South Georgia, tracking live in the same room. It felt right,” Sam recalls of the pre-pandemic recording sessions. “It’s nice to finally have this new single out. It’s sort of a marker of a new chapter for me. A new sound, a new direction, and a return to my roots really.”


Alma Russ

Alma (say it like "Alamo") lives in Whittier, NC when she’s not on the road. She plays patchwork music: country, folk, and Appalachian roots sewn together to make something unique. Songwriting is cheaper than therapy, and old songs make her happy. 

She fell in love with Appalachian culure and music as a child, started learning historic Scotch-Irish murder ballads, and took up fiddle at 12. Banjo and guitar followed, and then she made friends with a hobo who taught her to write songs, so that's what she keeps doing. Music has taken her lots of places, from the hometown bars, to church, to the highway. She spent a while performing as an entertainer on the passenger train in Bryson City, NC, and once she wound up getting 3 yeses from ABC's American Idol Judges on Season 1 and being sent to Hollywood, CA. She recently recorded a critically acclaimed album in an abandoned church in the West Texas desert.

Music continues to give her stories to tell, and these days she lives on the road for months at a time, playing her songs for whoever will listen. It’s her favorite thing to do and she’s thankful to be here!

Alma Russ